Cover Artwork Finder updated to 1.5

Submitted by admin on Sun, 11/04/2012 - 13:26

Now you have an option to instruct Cover Art Finder to directly overwrite existing artwork and lyrics in Find dialog by checking 'overwrite existing items'. Also this release includes minor bug fixes as well as s slight imporovement in  search speed.

More on Corever Artwork Finder.

Cover Artwork Finder updated to version 1.4

Submitted by admin on Thu, 11/17/2011 - 21:57

Today Cover Artwork Finder has been updated to a new version with serveral bug fixes and improved artist name and song title analysis.

Our popular Cover Artwork Finder tool for iTines has received the next update to version 1.3. Thanks to the constantly increasing number of active users we receive feature requests with interesting ideas, most of which we have implemented in this version of Cover Artwork Finder.

Asthma Tester

Submitted by admin on Sat, 06/11/2011 - 01:07
Rame Timer in App Store

Asthma Test application allows to monitor how you control your asthma. There are two main modes of operation – for adults and for childs below age 12. You can set up desired mode on the Settings tab.

  • Get Easy to answer questions
  • Special questions for your children
  • Email results to your doctor
  • Easy to find detailed instructions right in the app
Rame Timer in App Store

Space Storms application brings space weather alerts  directly into your iPhone. All data are updated every three hours from NOAA / Space weather prediction center.  

With Space Storms you can get in simple and obvious format:

  •  Current level for geomagnetic and solar storms and radio blackout level expressed in NOAA' scale.
  • Physical metering data for solar and geomagnetic activity.
  • Warnings about influence of the current space weather' conditions on technical systems and biological objects.
  •  Log of the space weather  for three last months grouped by hour, day or week.

Automatically finds cover artwork, lyrics, find inconsistencies within your iTunes library in a single operation! Once done, sync your iTunes library to your iPhone or iPod and enjoy beauty of your media library - make it look like this:


Cover Artwork Finder is a standalone application and because of this it doesn't interfere with your listening and doesn't annoy you by attaching itself to iTunes user interface! Moreover, it works with entire iTunes media library at once, which is very convenient - find what is missing, fine-tune what is found, export into iTunes and enjoy.

More on Cover Artwork Finder for iTunes...

  Rame Timer in App Store
  •  Handsome user interface - set up and start in two touches
  •  Highly customizable - Skins, Alarms, Music and Alert message
  •  Vibro Alarm is supported
  •  MultiTasking Mode in IOS4 is supported

Ramen Timer was designed to simplify routine timer function for iPhone/iPod' users when you need to countdown for intervals from 1 to 10 minutes. To set up and start timer you need only two touches - no more! 

Application is highly customizable - you can select one from the four skins (you can switch skins even while timer is on). You can select also alarm sound either from ten hardcoded sounds or even any melody stored in your iPod. And more, you can switch on/off ticking of timer and setup vibroalarm (for iPhone only).

Ramen Timer was specially designed for IOS 4. Application supports high-resolution screens and multitasking mode (limitation for IPod Touch with IOS 4 - at least 16 GB Flash). 

Just start up countdown and you can switch to other application. When timer's work is over you'll get alert message on screen. Text of the message is customizable as well.